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Fri 19 & Sat 20 September at Tree of Life - Judy Hall




Earth Blessings: Using Crystals for Personal Energy Clearing, Earth Healing & Environmental Enhancement


 Evening Talk Fri 19 Sept


JUDY HALL Bestselling Author of 'The Crystal Bible'


Join us for the launch of Judy Hall's latest book, Earth Blessings.


Our planet is at a point of great change, so how can we help? In this new, easy-to-follow guide, Judy explains how to use crystals - the tools given to us by the Earth herself - to heal the planet and reharmonise our personal surroundings. Tonight we will be looking at some of the new amazing high-vibration crystals have made themselves known at this time to assist with personal consciousness-raising, reinvigorating the environment and the restoring the earth beneath our feet to optimum energetic functioning. The talk will be illustrated with case histories of crystals in action healing at sacred sites.


Judy Hall is known around the world for her crystal work and a wide range of bestselling books, including The Crystal Bible and The Crystal Wisdom Oracle. Working as a psychic, healer, broadcaster and international workshop leader for over 40 years, she has three times appeared on the Watkins Bookshop Spiritual 100 List of the most spiritually influential living people of the 21st century.  


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 One Workshop with Judy Hall - Sat 20 Sept


We can see from the floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and pollution disasters that our Earth is disturbed. Not to mention the political upheaval that blights the planet. However, the Earth herself has given us tools that assist in stabilizing the situation and which teach us how to turn our thoughts and actions towards positive healing for the planet. Crystals offer us creative solutions, especially the new high vibration ones now available. In this practical, hands-on workshops we will be working with specially created crystal layouts. Suitable for beginners and experienced crystal workers alike, this workshop focuses on practical ways in which personal space can be cleared and energised, and the earth healed. 


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